Breeding Program

Kunkuru is home to a successful Buffalo, Sable, Black and Saddle Back Impala as well as Golden Gnu breeding program.

We boast both Zambian and Matetsi Sable and East African Buffalo.



Currently 2 Breeding Herds

Original Buffalo stock originated from Douw Steyn – Shambala

Additional top quality cows purchased from top breeders like SA Stud Game.

Breeding Bull in 1 herd is one of the industry iconic bulls – “ZAMBESI” a 47” bull from Norman Adami – Nyumbu



Currently 2 Breeding Herds

Original stock were Matetsi. Now we are focusing on breeding intermediate and West Zambian stock.

Breeding Bull “Granite” originates from Sable Ranch Western Stock and measures 47”

Our top breeding Bull “Knight Rider” purchased from Jaque Malan – Lumarie – is now measuring an impressive 49” and should push the 50” mark.

We also boast some exceptional cows with horn lengths from 34” – 36”


Black Impala

Currently 2 Breeding Herds

Original Breeding Ram purchased from Jaque Malan – Lumarie – as well as a few black ewes.

Also purchase top quality black ewes and split ewes from top breeders like Pilansberg Breeders Group.


Saddle Back Ram

This exceptional Breeding Ram measuring 23” was purchased in 2015 from Willem vd Merwe – Chikwala Game


Golden Gnu

Currently 2 Breeding Herds

Current Breeding Bull is “Sunrise” which was sired by “Barry” (Nyumbu’s top bull). Barry was originally purchased from Barry York and originated from the original Tuli stock.

Original stock purchased from Lumarie and Dinaka in 2012.

Nyala occur commonly on the farm and naturally breed in a camp surrounding the Lodge.


Kunkuru Breeding
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